Earthspaceportleadermaster's Futuregraphy Of The Earth

The Earth's 139 Geographic Zones

The Earth distance pole to pole is 20016* Kms.One degree C./144 kilometers** temperature change occurs upon Earth.H.Sapiens live at 24 degrees celsius to 44 degrees celsius with 37 degrees celsius as normal upon Earth.20016*Kms. divided by 144 kilometers** equals 139 geographic zones.Nations boundaries are crossed by these lines of latitude(parallels).Planes of these lines of latitude(parallels) pass through the Earth and Earth atmosphere and into space.Use them to benefit life upon earth peaceful and successful future in space.Use finite fuels of Earth the same. *This number used for even division purpose. **Approximately."Try it and buy it from the 'Bot' " at website and here is the link .

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